Our brand new Scholarship Program supports young women at risk of dropping out of college because of financial constraints.

This highly competitive scholarship provides full tuition each quarter (about $2,000 pesos or $125 dollars) and a $1,000 peso stipend (about $60 dollars) each month. This scholarship makes a crucial difference in women's ability to stay in school, be well nourished, and focus on their school work.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must:

  • Have at least a 3.25 GPA equivalent
  • Show a demonstrated history of community engagement
  • Neither parent may have completed beyond a middle school education

While receiving the scholarship, students must

  • Maintain at least a 3.25 GPA
  • Participate in WILL's leadership development programs in Oaxaca
  • Volunteer or complete one service activity each month that supports her personal and professional development
  • Submit a grade report and complete a check-in each month
  • Promise to complete a university degree

This scholarship program makes a direct and crucial difference in women's lives, creating more opportunities, fostering the learning and university experience, and offering a critical support system necessary for success. Women around the world experience better life outcomes because of higher education.

Support this program by making your tax deductible donation to WILL today!

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— Tracey Franklin, Director of Southwest Center for International Studies