Leadership Development course - June 2016. Portland, OR.

A beautiful week filled with learning, engaging conversations, activism, volunteer service, meetings with local community leaders and change agents, and smiles, laughter, and inspiration. This is the heart of WILL!


Community Leadership course - April 2015. Portland, OR.

Our first cohort of scholarship recipients spent a week in Portland on site visits, in seminars on Portland State's campus, and in meetings with community leaders.

Women's Leadership Forum - September 2015. Oaxaca, Mexico

The University Center for Women's Leadership organized the first ever Women's Leadership forum featuring business leaders from around the country in Oaxaca City for their peers.

Building solidarity and creating community in Oaxaca

WILL supports the University Center for Women's Leadership (CMujer) and their many projects run by the scholarship recipients and our Oaxaca program director, Nydia Mata Sanchez.